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Blue Ash Dentist, Cincinnati Dentist

Dentist in Blue AshTricia | Dental Hygienist

As one of our three wonderful dental hygienists, Tricia helps our guests improve and maintain all aspects of their oral health. She treats each individual with warmth, genuine concern, humor, and honesty. Tricia always strives to create an atmosphere where guests feel confident that their needs will be met. Tricia feels blessed to be able to work with her coworkers (whom she considers her friends), as well as Dr. Henize whose generosity Tricia has greatly appreciated since she joined the team in June, 2006.

Trisha has two children Sarah and Jon, and a wonderful husband named John. Additionally she has been blessed to care for and love two international students from China and South Korea that will forever call her ‘Mom’. Kayaking and wilderness camping in Canada are some of Tricia’s yearly adventures. For both pleasure and ministry, Tricia has had the privilege of visiting over 20 diverse countries, including Papa New Guinea, Haiti, China, Russia, and Great Britain. Traveling is something she looks forward to all year!

A couple of other fun facts about her is that she loves working in her husband’s woodworking shop, where she makes cutting boards for friends and family. Tricia also loves eating healthy, and recently stopped eating all sugars and grains. She is not, however, a huge fan of  ‘working out’ at the gym, ironing clothes, wasps, cicadas or bees (they freak her out).


Dentist Blue Ash OHJennifer | Dental Assistant

Jennifer is another one of our NINJAs here at CHD-Cincy, and we are especially proud to announce that she is recently achieved her EFDA certification! This means that Jennifer has been specially trained to perform dental tasks such as placing fillings and other restorative materials. She is thankful that her additional training has provided her with new opportunities to help guests and promote oral health. Jennifer exudes positivity in all of her daily interactions, and she is passionate about ensuring a pleasant, comfortable experience for all of our guests. Jennifer also loves teaching others about oral health.

Jennifer has been working for Dr. Henize since January 2001, and she is grateful for nearly 14 years of working with wonderful teammates. Her favorite memory from her time working at CHD-Cincy was when Dr. Henize sent her family to Disney World for her 10th  anniversary of joining our team. Outside of the workplace, Jennifer loves to spend time with her beautiful daughter, Ava, who is great at keeping her busy!  She also enjoys reading, shopping, and spending time with her friends.


Blue Ash OH DentistJessi | Dental Hygienist

Jessi is a dental hygienist here at CHD-Cincy, and she proudly considers herself a complete health advocate. In addition to cleaning her guests’ teeth, she conducts a complete medical history, takes blood pressure and blood glucose, and thoroughly inspects the health of gums and teeth to make tailored recommendations for each individual. Her primary goal is to make sure your mouth is as healthy as it can be so that your body is as healthy as it can be. She is passionate about educating others about the mouth-body connection, and feels that she has an opportunity to save lives on a daily basis by identifying concerns in the oral cavity before they become more widespread.

Jessi started working for Dr. Henize in 2007, but she knew that she wanted to be a dental hygienist from the time she was seven years old! We are so lucky to have her because she is not only a superior clinician, she also loves her job! Jessi enjoys working for Dr. Henize because she knows that he is a phenomenal dentist who always “goes the extra mile” for his guests and the team. Speaking of the team, Jessi also loves her teammates like family, in spite of that one time that Jen and Tiffany accidentally locked her out in a snowstorm (you’ll have to ask Jessi for more details on that one!).

Outside of the office, Jessi enjoys reading, cheering on the Bengals and the Reds, shopping, and being with her family. She and her husband Kyle spend much of their time supporting her daughter, Kaelyn, as she competes on her select softball team. When they are not traveling to various softball tournaments, her family enjoys hanging out and playing with their golden retriever, Carson.


IMG_6918Taylor | Dental Hygienist, EFDA

As a Dental Hygienist at our practice, Taylor sees guests during their wellness visits. This includes cleaning guests’ teeth, evaluating gum tissues, taking necessary x-rays, and having detailed discussions about guests’ health.  The amount of research that has been done to show that the bacteria in the mouth has a direct relation to the bacteria throughout our entire body is AMAZING. By eliminating the bacteria in the guests’ mouths, Taylor and her guests can work together to create a healthier body and better life! Taylor states, “It makes me happy being able to improve a person’s smile, and it is also incredibly rewarding to change a person’s life.”

Her passion for dentistry started when she was a patient at a pediatric dental office. Taylor talks about how the dental hygienist would send gloves home with her, so that she could brush her dolls’ teeth. It was at that point that she knew exactly what she wanted to be when she grew up! Taylor grew up in Grove City, OH and went onto college at The Ohio State University in Columbus, where she got her Bachelor’s Degree in Dental Hygiene. GO BUCKS 🙂 She also graduated with her EFDA certification, which allows her to help with a wide variety of restorative procedures in the dental office.

Taylor states that her goals are, “to make my guests feel comfortable, have trust in me as their dental hygienist AND friend, and make my guests SMILE.” She feels that working with Dr. Henize and our wonderful team makes this possible each and every day. “Dr. Henize not only cares for each of his guests, he cares for his team like we are his own family. I am very fortunate to work in such a prestigious, complete health dental practice.”

When Taylor is not at the dental office, she enjoys spending time with her family, friends and boyfriend, Vinny.  She met Vinny while in school at OSU and says he shares her love for the Buckeyes!  He is the male version of HER in SO many ways.  “I could not be more thankful for him,” she says with a giant SMILE!  Upon graduation, she and Vinny decided to move to the Cincinnati area, where he is originally from.  She loves it here more and more every day!  What a busy bee she has become….she just cannot sit still, especially if the sun is shining.  She is always striving to do MORE, not less. She loves being outside, hanging out by the pool, and finding her next adventure. Traveling has been a recent hobby, She is excited seeing and experiencing new things/places. Even though she would like year-round sunshine and warm weather, she says she cannot bring herself to move TOO far away from her Buckeyes. There is something about going to an OSU football game that makes her smile from ear-to-ear.

Taylor looks forward to continuing to help all of the CHD guests with their overall health and improving their lives in every way possible. She also looks forward to meeting new guests and making them feel welcome in our amazing dental office!

IMG_6944Holly | Health Relationship Specialist

Holly’s educational background is in Dental Hygiene.  After Practicing for 13 years, She became the first Dental Hygienist in America to become certified by Cardiologists Dr. Bradly Bale and Dr. Amy Doneen, Authors of the Book Beat the Heart Attack Gene, to educate guests about heart attack and stroke prevention.  The link between oral bacteria, inflammation and systemic disease is well documented.  Holly also takes these topics out into the community to raise awareness.   She serves as a liaison between our dental guests and their Physician, as well as helps to empower our guests to advocate for their own healthcare.  Holly is very passionate about her work, and states that she could not image herself doing anything else.

Holly is married to Bob, who she describes as the best husband and father any person could ever wish for. They have three children, Nathan, Reilly and Reid.



IMG_6953Vanessa| Clinical Assistant






IMG_6958Amanda| Patient Care Coordinator






Holly  | Treatment Coordinator